NMOPNational Mail Order Pharmacy (US DoD)
NMOPNatural Mother of Pearl (jewelry)
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cia [W.sub.p] ir [L.sub.p]--atitinkamai PMOP tranzistoriaus plotis ir ilgis, [[micro].sub.p]--PMOP tranzistoriaus kruvininku judris, [C.sub.ox]--PMOP tranzistoriaus uPturos oksido savitoji talpa, kuri apytikriai lygi NMOP tranzistoriaus oksido savitajai talpai, [V.sub.tp]--PMOP tranzistoriaus atkirtos tampa, [V.sub.DD]--inverterio maitinimo itampa;
Pagal (3), (5) ir (7) formules laikydami, kad PMOP ir NMOP tranzistoriu uPturos oksidu savitosios talpos vienodos, ir manydami, kad PMOP tranzistoriaus plotis yra dvigubai didesnis nei NMOP tranzistoriaus plotis, galime gauti bendraja inverterio velinimo trukmes iUraiUka:
Gauta iUraiUka yra apytikre, nes ja iUvedant laikoma, kad NMOP ir PMOP tranzistoriai, kai per juos pradeda teketi inverterio apkrovos talpa ikraunanti arba iUkraunanti srove, neiUeina iU soties rePimo.
parodyto velinimo elemento PMOP tranzistorius sujungtas su penktojo prieU ji einancio velinimo elemento iUejimu, o NMOP tranzistoriai sujungti su atitinkamai treciojo ir pirmojo prieU ji esancio velinimo elemento iUejimu.
The third option, NMOP, offers free delivery to beneficiaries' residences, limits the co-payment to $8 for retirees and family members, and does not require an annual deductible.
NMOP is administered by Merck-Medco RX Services and is a generic-based pharmacy service primarily for uniformed service beneficiaries requiring maintenance medications to treat chronic disorders.
They also will be able to use NMOP if certain requirements are met.
Order refills or request mail service envelopes (#M847), an NMOP brochure (#99N), a patient profile registration.
Provides instructions to physicians for faxing prescriptions directly to NMOP. Mail orders should be addressed to Merck-Medco RX Services, P.O.