NMORBNormal Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt
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Helium isotopic ratios in Explorer NMORB and E-MORB are 8.3 [R.sub.A] and 7.6 [R.sub.A], respectively (Carbotte 1987).
In the NMORB- normalized plot the HFS-elements (P, Zr, Sm, Ti, and Y) and in the rocks/Chondrites plot of the REE show more or less flat pattern depicting NMORB affinity.
The enrichments of LIL-elements and depletion of Nb, transitional characteristics between the NMORB and IAT, suggest supra-subduction zone tectonic setting for Muslim Bagh gabbros.
On an N-MORB-normalized plot of Sun and McDonough (1989), the high field strength (HFS)-elements (P, Zr, Sm, Ti, and Y) have a flat pattern parallel to NMORB. In contrast the large ion lithophile (LIL)-elements (Cs, Ba, Th, K, and Sr) are relatively more enriched than N- MORB (Fig.
The chondrite normalised REE plot shows a marked depletion in the HREE as compared to NMORB (Fig.
6a) and enrichments in LREEs and a marked depletion in the HREEs as compared to NMORB.
7a) of Pearce and Cann (1973), differentiates between NMORB, VAB, WPB and Calc alkali basalt (CAB).