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NMOSNegative Channel Mos
NMOSNegatively Doped Metal Oxide Semiconductor
NMOSNegative Metal Oxide Semiconductor
NMOSNegative-Channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor
NMOSNecessary Military Occupational Specialty (US Marine Corps)
NMOSNetwork Management Operating System (Riversoft)
NMOSNetwork and Mission Operations Support
NMOSNational Moment of Silence
NMOSNATO Maritime Operations Intelligence System
NMOSNitrous Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
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Load resistance is 1 k[ohm] and bias voltages ([V.sub.B]) of the NMOS and PMOS structures are 0.65 V and 0.57 V respectively.
In the condition of substrate hot-carrier injection, 2 nm thick oxide NMOS capacitor is stressed with [V.sub.G] = 1.2 V and [V.sub.S] = -2V in test case (3).
The proposed inverter is composed of a serially connected PMOS transistor, a bidirectional delay element, and a NMOS transistor.
In almost all designs, the logic swing of DRMCML circuits is taken as [DELTA]V < [V.sub.th], this is because the NMOS transistor [N.sub.1] can operate at saturation region.
In [6] the ABB is implemented by NMOS only, but in the proposed circuit, the ABB is implemented by both NMOS and PMOSs and the capacitor used to store the feedback voltage is replaced by the parasitic capacitors.
Figure 1 shows the top view of an ESD NMOS device with multifinger layout style.
Intel pioneered nMOS technology with its 1101 256-bit static random access memory and 4004 4-bit microprocessor While the nMOS process was less expensive than CMOS, nMOS logic gates still consumed power while idle.
Elle a ete fondee en mai 1951 et compte aujourd'hui 102 Organisations Nationales Membres (National Member Organizations ou NMOs) venant de 95 pays des six continents.
Currently, the surface of silicon substrates is most commonly the high-mobility (001) surface of an NMOS transistor.
Foresters said that Lifefirst will be marketed exclusively through National Marketing Organizations (NMOs).