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NMRNuclear Magnetic Resonance
NMRNomura Holdings (Japan)
NMRNielsen Media Research
NMRNational Monuments Record (UK)
NMRNaked Mole Rat
NMRNetwork Media Receiver (Sony)
NMRNouveau Mouvement Religieux (French: New Religious Movement)
NMRNational Milk Laboratories (UK)
NMRNorthern Mountain Region (Vietnam)
NMRNätverket mot Rasism (Swedish: Network against Racism; Sweden)
NMRNew Market Research (finance)
NMRNational Military Representative
NMRNetworked Music Review (blog)
NMRNo Moves Received (online gaming)
NMRNetwork Measurement Report
NMRN. M. Rothschild & Sons (investment bank)
NMRNuclear Market Review (newsletter)
NMRN-Modular Redundant (reliability)
NMRNational Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame (Saratoga Springs, NY)
NMRNews Media Representative
NMRNot My Rip
NMRNarrative Mission Report (US Army)
NMRNo Mail Receptacle (USPS)
NMRNational Center of Excellence for Metals Recycle (US DOE)
NMRNot My Responsibility
NMRNon-conforming Material Report
NMRNo Maintenance Requirement
NMRNATO Military Requirement
NMRNo Molds Required (design and production)
NMRNew Model Review
NMRNo Marks Received
NMRNeuros MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) 4 Recorder (software)
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The major push in magnet technology is to generate higher-field magnets, but NMR magnets must also be extremely stable for signal averaging, with magnetic-field inhomogeneity [is less than] 1 ppb.
NMR solid organic, inorganic and biological materials.
Garry Rogerson, senior vice president of Scientific Instruments at Varian, told IBO, "Chili probes are another avenue to give you increased sensitivity in NMR.
14%; FT-IR (Neat, cm-1): 3088, 1777, 1730, 1606, 1482, 1268, 1155, 1028; 1H- NMR (300 MHz, CDCl3,d/ppm): 1.
While an NMR system offering a basic single proton (1H) analysis is useful as a simple teaching tool, it has always been the goal of instrument designers to offer a more capable system.
While the other major components of an NMR system can last a decade or longer, NMR probes typically last only several years.
Thanks to the collaborative efforts of researchers from the National Research Council Canada, the University of Ottawa, and other universities from across the country, Canada's first 21 T (900 MHz) NMR spectrometer has been recently installed in Ottawa, ON.
The technique could lead to low-cost, portable NMR scanners useful to many industries, including oil exploration, food processing, and drug manufacturing, says Stephan Appelt of the Scientific Center of Julich, who is developing the approach with his colleagues.
Nicholson was among the first to apply the tools of metabolite analysis--first NMR and now 'also MS--to the assessment of metabolite changes in biofluids over time.
According to the announcement, this new product offers spectroscopists and other analytical chemists a reliable source of NMR data of over 140,000 13C and 12,000 1H spectra they can use as a reference in the first, fully integrated environment for NMR.
Recent advancements in NMR spectroscopy have allowed for the application of its versatile techniques to intact soils as well as fractionated samples (Stevenson and Elliott 1989; Preston 1996).