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NMRNuclear Magnetic Resonance
NMRNomura Holdings (Japan)
NMRNielsen Media Research
NMRNational Monuments Record (UK)
NMRNaked Mole Rat
NMRNetwork Media Receiver (Sony)
NMRNouveau Mouvement Religieux (French: New Religious Movement)
NMRNational Milk Laboratories (UK)
NMRNorthern Mountain Region (Vietnam)
NMRNätverket mot Rasism (Swedish: Network against Racism; Sweden)
NMRNew Market Research (finance)
NMRNational Military Representative
NMRNetworked Music Review (blog)
NMRNo Moves Received (online gaming)
NMRNetwork Measurement Report
NMRN. M. Rothschild & Sons (investment bank)
NMRNuclear Market Review (newsletter)
NMRN-Modular Redundant (reliability)
NMRNational Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame (Saratoga Springs, NY)
NMRNews Media Representative
NMRNot My Rip
NMRNarrative Mission Report (US Army)
NMRNo Mail Receptacle (USPS)
NMRNational Center of Excellence for Metals Recycle (US DOE)
NMRNot My Responsibility
NMRNon-conforming Material Report
NMRNo Maintenance Requirement
NMRNATO Military Requirement
NMRNo Molds Required (design and production)
NMRNew Model Review
NMRNo Marks Received
NMRNeuros MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) 4 Recorder (software)
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In collaboration with JEOL Ltd, the National Metrology Institute of Japan improved the [.sup.1]H NMR method to perform precise comparisons of signal quantities from protons at different chemical shifts.
These standard drugs were dissolved in 0.5 mL [D.sub.2]O, and the solutions were transferred into 5 mm NMR tubes for the NMR analysis.
As can be seen from [sup.13]C NMR data, there exist eight C signals, including [[delta].sub.c] 136.3, 126.3, 125.7, 121.7, 119.0, 117.8, 111.3, and 104.5 in the low field, suggesting that the compound belongs to indole alkaloid.
45-46AdegC); IR (max, cm-1) KBr disc: 2951 (=C-H), 1694 (C=O), 685 (C-Br); 1H NMR (500 MHz, CDCl3, I' in ppm): 4.46 (2H, s, CH2), 7.49 (2H, t, J = 7.4 Hz, H3'), 7.61 (1H, dd, J = 7.4,1.5 Hz, H4'), 7.98 (2H, dd, J = 7.4, 1.5 Hz, H2'); 13C NMR(75 MHz): I' (ppm)30.9 (CH2), 128.8 (2x, d, C3'),, 128.9 (d, C4'), 133.9 (2x, d, C2'), 134.0 (s, C1'), 191.2 (s, C1); Mass 198, 200 [M]+.
It is important to ascertain the purity of the reference substances before use in analysis since high purity is a prerequisite for a substance to be considered suitable for use as a standard in NMR spectroscopy.
Following healthy pregnancy by NMR metabolomics of plasma and correlation to urine.
In the last few years, several approaches involving 'hyperpolarisation' of nuclear spins have emerged that are poised to revolutionise NMR spectroscopy.
Author Hunter Thompson once said that "anything worth doing, is worth doing right." In this case, LipoScience's NMR technology provides the only FDA-cleared measure of LDL-R As we look toward the future, the enhanced accuracy and depth of information provided by NMR technology serves as a strong basis for its future application in identifying biomarkers within various medical fields, making this technology platform a dynamic and promising innovation.
The authors wish to thank the Department of Chemistry, HKUST, for providing NMR machine for data generation.
Through a friend, Krakiwsky met University of Calgary graduate student Greg McFeetors, who was developing Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) chips to detect NMR signals, using Force Detection NMR (FDNMR) rather than the conventional Induction NMR (IDNMR).
NMR technology has helped researchers accumulate a wealth of knowledge about lipoprotein metabolism and underlying lipoprotein disorders in patients with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and prediabetes.
Number of scans: 32), [.sup.1]H NMR spectra were obtained from a Mercury-300 spectrometer (Varian) in deuterated methanol or chloroform, whereas solid-state [.sup.13]C NMR and [.sup.29]Si NMR were recorded on a Geminin-400 spectrometer (Varian) at room temperature.