NMRCNaval Medical Research Center
NMRCNew Millennium Research Council
NMRCNational Microelectronics Research Centre (University College Cork, Ireland)
NMRCNational Monuments Record Centre (UK)
NMRCNeuromuscular Research Center (Boston University)
NMRCNorth Meadow Recreation Center (New York)
NMRCNetwork Music Rights Conference (Japan)
NMRCNational Media Reform Conference
NMRCNorthern Migrant Resource Centre (Preston, Victoria, Australia)
NMRCNavy Material Redistribution Center (US Navy)
NMRCNaval Records Management Center (US Navy)
NMRCNational Men's Resource Center
NMRCNational Mango Research Center (Philippines)
NMRCNational Mayday Readiness Initiative
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Simulation results are analyzed in section 4 to exemplify the better performance of the NMRCS in closed loop.
Through our collaboration with NMRC, we are working toward establishing an emerging disease vaccine platform to provide rapid protection against novel pathogens, initially for military personnel and eventually for the broader population.
We do our research solely for science; our scientists are world renown and we are fortunate to have men and women who are working to find cures and vaccines for some of the greatest threats to our forces; we are fortunate to have these great assets in uniform working to find a vaccine for malaria," said NMRC Executive Officer, Capt.
As we could not process the 3,000 MB NMRC file directly, we first needed to break it into usable pieces.
106) According to a 2005 report for the NMRC by Braden Cox, companies like Verizon "incur costs that governments do not in the form of income taxes, franchise fees, sales taxes and taxes on real estate and personal property.
Until FY1993, NMRC research administration needs were served by the Office of the Scientific Director.
NMRC (National Microelectronics Research Centre) at University College in Cork, Ireland, has described a new technique for measuring the thermal conductivity of polymer composites that uses a simple, inexpensive apparatus (comprising "in-house" materials) along with numerical simulations of an embedded electronic artifact.
NMRC leader Dr Bill Lane said: "Rapid response is the key to diseases like meningitis and our sensor will be able to test them much, much faster.
Separate preclinical malaria vaccine studies, conducted by NMRC, demonstrated that Vical's Vaxfectin(R) adjuvant enhanced both antibody and T-cell immune responses to each component of a low-dose, five-gene malaria DNA vaccine.
According to NMRC research from last March, two out of five Americans with contract-based cell phones were likely to cut back on their cell phones to save money--if the economy grew worse over the following six months.
Entitled "Powering the Broadband Market in 2005 and Beyond," the NMRC white paper asks: "Is 2005 the year of BPL?
Denise Doolan, head of the NMRC Malaria Program's pre-clinical research and development efforts.