NMRCDNaval Medical Research Center Detachment
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All respiratory swab samples were stored in liquid nitrogen in the infirmary until they could be tested later at NMRCD laboratories.
The NMRCD is designing a variety of simple resting and oviposition lures which will attract Ae aegypti and which can be treated with pyriproxyfen.
Research is underway at NMRCD to develop a novel insecticide treated material (ITM) push-pull system to reduce Ae aegypti inside homes where they are most likely to feed on humans and transmit DENV.
3] CITI desarrollo una presentacion del Programa durante un simposio auspiciado por NMRCD, la Universidad de Washington y el Instituto Nacional de Salud de los Estados Unidos, el que se llevo a cabo en las ciudades de Lima y Arequipa (Peru) durante mayo de 2007.
The study protocol was approved by the Naval Medical Research Center Institutional Review Board (Protocol NMRCD.
Later that day the patient was considered to have a complicated, febrile, neurologic illness, and a blood sample was sent for advanced analysis at the NMRCD in Lima, Peru, and the National Institute of Health of Peru.
The study protocol for Surveillance and Etiology of Acute Febrile Illnesses in Peru was approved by the Naval Medical Research Center Institutional Review Board (protocol NMRCD.
Several hypotheses explain the apparently higher rate of human infection in the Iquitos area by the ID Panama/Peru genotype: 1) viruses from the Colombia/Venezuela genotype are not transmitted efficiently to humans compared to those in the Panama-Peru genotype; 2) the Panama/Peru genotype circulates at higher levels in urban areas such as Iquitos, resulting in more infections; 3) the Panama/Peru genotype causes more severe disease, with more patients visiting clinics and participating in the NMRCD febrile illness study, resulting in more virus isolations and; 4) the Panama/Peru genotype produces higher titer human viremia, resulting in more human isolates.
6%), which suggests an occupational exposure or possibly an age-biased recruitment into the NMRCD febrile illness study.