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NMRINuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging
NMRINational Maritime Research Institute (Japan)
NMRINaval Medical Research Institute
NMRINational Mayday Readiness Initiative (Washington, DC)
NMRINational Marshmallow Roasters Institute (Citrus Heights, CA)
NMRINoarlunga Model Railroaders Incorporated (Adelaide, South Australia)
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(4) For more information on the NMRI and the HCAI, see https://www.aei.org/housing/mortgage-risk-index/ and https://www.urban.org/policy-centers/housing-finance-policy-center/proiects/housing-credit-availability-index.
The predicted KT of the propeller (the 4.12 million grid case) with different advance coefficients (J) are validated by the measured results from NMRI, shown in Table 6, where the deviations between the predicted results and the measured data are calculated based on (2).
"Again using data from the NMRI dataset, it is clear FHA's credit box is too loose.
WRAIR and the Naval Medical Research Institute (NMRI), predecessor to the Naval Medical Research Center, collaboratively tweaked the Trager-Jensen method to grow the best lines for infecting mosquitoes.
cruzi utilizada fue la M/HOM/VE/92/YBM, la cual fue ha sido mantenida mediante pasajes sucesivos en el vector (Rhodnius prolixus, ninfas de III estadio) a ratones albinos de la cepa NMRI. Los grupos melanoma control, melanoma Tc inmunizado, melanoma Tc agudo y melanoma Tc cronico fueron inoculados con 100.000 celulas del melanoma B16-BL6, via im, en el muslo derecho.
NmRi mice (Pasteur Institute, Tehran, Iran), 6-8 weeks of age, were kept in a controlled environment (22 [+ or -] 2[degrees]C, 50 [+ or -] 5% humidity) under a 12-hour light/dark cycle (light on 08:00-20:00) and had free access to a standard pellet chow and tap water throughout the study.
Toxicity of herbal extracts was assessed on naive NMRI mice, and its antimalarial efficacy was investigated on infected P.