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NMRINuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging
NMRINational Maritime Research Institute (Japan)
NMRINaval Medical Research Institute
NMRINational Mayday Readiness Initiative (Washington, DC)
NMRINational Marshmallow Roasters Institute (Citrus Heights, CA)
NMRINoarlunga Model Railroaders Incorporated (Adelaide, South Australia)
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We characterize this part of the market by using the loan-level risk ratings available as part of the NMRI data.
Seguido por los valores de la linea de de ratones BIOU: NMRI (0,17 [+ o -] 0,01 a 0,13), presentando la menor concentracion de IgG los ratones de la cepa C57BL/6//BIOU (0,14 [+ o -] 0,02 a 0,12 [+ o -] 0,01).
Sperm were collected from the cauda epididymis of mature NMRI males, capacitated for 1 to 1.
Male outbred NMRI mice, supplied by the Karaj Laboratory Animal Unit, Pasteur Institute of Iran were used in this study.
A comparison of behavior in NMRI male mice in enriched environments and isolation-housing.
El objetivo de este trabajo fue comparar los indices espontaneos e inducidos en ratones de ambos sexos de las lineas Balb/c, NMRI, OF-1 y C57BL/6/cenp, mediante el ensayo de aberraciones cromosomicas en celulas de la medula osea para determinar la linea mas eficiente, sobre la base de la aparicion significativa de indices espontaneos mas bajos e indices inducidos altos a sustancias mutagenicas como la CF.
purpurea juice was administered by gastric tube to 8 week old Wistar rats (eight males and eight females, approximately 200 g each) and 8 week old NMRI mice (eight males and eight females; approximately 20 g each), with each receiving 30,000 mg/kg bw in the same manner (consuming the equivalent of 5.
These includes hamster (European, Chinese and Syrian); mouse (BALB/c, NMRI, DBA/1, C57BL/6) rat, mastomys, squirrel, gerbil, etc (63).
She continued her participation as an invited member of the Network of Minority Research Investigators (NMRI) established by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) and was member of the planning committee for the NMRI southern region of the United States.
1993) or a novel NMRI technique established by Stevenson et al.
To isolate TBEV strains from the RT-PCR-positive tick pools, 20 [micro]L of the supernatant of the pools diluted 1:1 in D-PBS-BSA was injected intracerebrally into suckling NMRI mice.