NMRONational Mud Racing Organization (Indianapolis, IN)
NMRONational Militant Railfan Organization (railroad fan club)
NMRONavy Mid-Range Objective
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To date, despite a variety of approaches both directly and indirectly to the NMRO and the BRDO, the situation remains unchanged with no specific plan to remove illegal products from the market, indeed there would appear to be no cohesive methodology to clearly identify rogue imports.
It is very important that landlords act now, the NMRO is actively searching out for landlords who have not notified them and there is the risk of fines for non-compliance.
BIS Permanent Secretary, Martin Donnelly, said: Combining NMRO and BRDO will bring together policy expertise and practical experience.
NMRO has met with Dairy UK, the trade association representing the UK dairy industry, and agreed to work with them, together with Trading Standards enforcement, to produce an industry code of practice.