NMRPNitroxide-Mediated Radical Polymerization
NMRPNational Movement for the Rights of Patients (Sri Lanka)
NMRPNational Maize Research Programme (corn adaptation experiment; Nepal)
NMRPNational Migrant Resource Program (now National Center for Farmworker Health, Inc.)
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Nissan's NMRP license enables HELLER to offer a combination of technologies for carmakers to mass-produce engines with iron spray coating.
The above results revealed that the process of surface-initiated NMRP of St and MA was controlled.
1996a,b) had conducted NMRP of styrene at 125[degrees]C, [TEMPO] /[BPO] = 1.
In order to get a better feel about how narrow the polydispersity values are in NMRP, values from thermal polymerization of styrene (in the absence of initiator and nitroxide), as well as thermal NMRP (nitroxide-mediated polymerization of styrene in the absence of initiator) are also presented in Figure 17b and c.
199Gb) have illustrated the effect of temperature on rate of polymerization in NMRP of styrene at [TEMPO]/[BPO] = 1.
Experimental data (including polymerization rates, molecular weights and polydispersities) for NMRP of styrene at various operating conditions were collected over the full conversion range.
Selective significant contributions to NMRP Year (a) Main topics Brief remarks 1993 Kinetics and fundamentals of First introduction of bimolecular initiation of the concept of NMRP for styrene with BPO and TEMPO producing low (role of excess nitroxide polydispersity (Veregin et al.
Dead chains in NMRP are generated primarily from two mechanisms: irreversible termination and disproportionation.
Experimental and modeling studies conducted in our laboratory have led us to a better understanding of the critical issues in designing miniemulsion NMRP processes.
The TTOPS was produced using a bulk NMRP polymerization carried out to a low conversion (see Experimental section).
It has not been previously recognized that [SDBS] can affect the rate in these NMRP miniemulsions.
The most common effect of rate-enhancing additives in NMRP, usually strong acids, is to consume nitroxide.