NMSANational Middle School Association
NMSANaturopathic Medical Student Association (various organizations)
NMSANews Music Search Archive (SouthernMedia)
NMSANew Mexico Statutes Annotated
NMSANational Meteorological Services Agency
NMSANew Mexico School for the Arts (Santa Fe, NM)
NMSANational Manufacturing Skills Academy (UK)
NMSANominal Maximum Size of Aggregate
NMSANational Master Supply Arrangement
NMSANew Mexico Substate Area
NMSANonnuclear Munitions Storage Area
NMSANational Movers and Storage Association
NMSANon-Metropolitan Statistical Area
NMSANorwegian Medical Students' Association (Norwegian Medical Association)
NMSANorth Atlantic Treaty Organization Maintenance and Supply Agency
NMSANonmortgage Servicing Asset
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The role of NP was well represented from the surgeon survey in 2016, where out of 334 respondents 39(12%) surgeons had worked with an NP in the role of the NMSA in Australia.
One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to examine differences between the MSA and NMSA groups for these measures.
Whenever the NMSA starts with initial simplexes H1 = {(0, 1), (0, - 1), (1, 0)} and H2 = {(- a, b), (a, - b), (1, 0)} with (Eq.
Middle grades teachers were selected as the focus of the present study due to the researchers' interest in this level and the need at this level for teachers who understand young adolescents (Jackson & Davis, 2000; NMSA, 2010) and can facilitate student motivation (AMLE, 2012).
Lorenzen' (CASC); 7[male] 12[female] same data as holotype (BMNH, NMSA 1[male] 1[female]).
Earlier, an unnamed NMSA official said two helicopters from Lae had also joined the operation.
Further, the NMSA stresses the need for middle level schools to provide a curriculum that is challenging, exploratory, and integrated; instruction and assessment strategies that are diverse and that promote high quality and meaningful learning; and a structure that supports students with multiple types and levels of guidance and policies and programs that "foster health, wellness, and safety" (NMSA, 2003, p.
NMSA (2003) recommended "multifaceted guidance and support services" (p.
Until recently, that is, when NAGC and NMSA coproduced a joint position statement titled Meeting the Needs of High Ability and High Potential Learners in the Middle Grades.
The period of early adolescence is the second most important time in a person's development and the best chance to shape a persons future," says Sue Swaim, executive director of NMSA.
Student achievement is positively enhanced when teachers carefully select a variety of learning experiences that offer multiple ways for students to interact with the content (Brodhagen & Gorud, 2012; NMSA, 2010).