NMSENormalized Mean Square Error
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After the training was completed, the NMSE with the EKF was smaller than that with the stochastic gradient descent method.
Statistical evaluation of the models results are given in Table 8, which compares the Standard method, Power law of sigma, Briggs formulas and Hosker expression in terms of FB, FAC2, NMSE, MG and VG.
Caption: Figure 2: NMSE comparison between [13] and proposed method and SSTFM by proposed method.
The NMSE values for the predicted mass flow rates range between 6% and 7% (Table 3).
For example, after automatic tuning, the NMSE calculated at the seminar room changed from 0.
And Solow method is used as the linear method and the methods of Fuzzy-logic and Neural-Fuzzy are also used as non-linear methods, in prediction and it has been compared on the basis of six criteria: R2, MAPE, MAE, NMSE, RMSE, and MSE.
Generally, the higher the compression ratio, the higher the NMSE values.
To calculate lie NMSE it is first necessary to line up the two waveforms in both time and phase.
We have evaluated the performance of DA, NDA and PDA estimators by plotting the normalized mean square error (NMSE), so in this section we will find CRLB in terms of NMSE.
Here, Figures 5 and 6 show the average BER and NMSE performance of the equalization methods in the troposcatter channel mentioned above, respectively.
Figure 5 illustrates that the external CFD link generally predicted airflows better than using the surface-averaged wind pressure profiles: the NMSE was 14% compared to 22% when the surface-averaged [C.