NMSENormalized Mean Square Error
NMSENonconventional Machining and Surface Enhancement (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program)
NMSENaval Material Support Establishment
NMSENetwork Management Systems Essentials
NMSENon-Major Studio Elective (course)
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In addition, Figure 6 illustrates NMSE performance of the proposed scheme.
In order to get a better insight of the relative complexity of the two models, the NMSE is plotted as a function of the polynomial function's number of coefficients for the FTNTB model and the AFTNTB model.
NMSE Correlation FB FAC2 Temperature ([degrees]C) 0.04 0.86 0.002 96.12 Relative humidity (%) 0.13 0.60 -0.18 90.72 Wind speed (m/s) 0.39 0.60 0.05 61.43 TABLE 3: Comparison of fog occurrence and observed time.
The residual errors [e.sub.out] are compared with the NMSE [e.sub.in] of the error-corrupted data received at the sink node.
To show the effects of this parameter on final reconstructions, the curves of NMSE with respect to parameter [lambda] for the 10th frame of the first dynamic cardiac dataset at R = 3 and 4 were plotted in Figure 5.
NMSE = 1/[absolute value of [bar.R]] [square root of [1/n] [n.summation over (i=1)] [([R.sub.COSMO,i] - [R.sub.CONTAM,i]).sup.2]] (15)
NMSE = [1/[([absolutely value of [[bar.F].sub.a]])([absolutely value of [[bar.F].sub.b]])]][[1/n][n.summation over (i=1)][([F.sub.[a,i]] - [F.sub.[b,i]]).sup.2]] (1)
9 gives the relationship between the NMSE and training times in the training process.
It is clear that, after every step, the quality of the deconvolved image becomes better, and finally, we can get a fine quality of the deconvolved images based on the minimum value of the NMSE. Image B is degraded by blur kernel of sizes 7 x 7, 19 x 19, and 23 x 23 with a values of 4.66, 11.33, and 15.33, respectively.
To check whether the model performance is acceptable or not, some studies [29] gave the following limit values for the metrics mentioned above: -0.3 < FB < 0.3, NMSE < 1.5, and R > 0.8.