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It is easy to conclude, based on these statistics, that the observed boom in CB sales and use was a direct response to the imposition of the NMSL.
Regardless of the particular proportions of owner-operators and company drivers during the NMSL era, (5) it is clear that most truckers, for obvious economic reasons, are paid either by the mile or by the job because this "piecework" compensation scheme gives them the incentive to maximize output for any given time input.
The 55-mph NMSL clearly reduced the speeds at which truckers could legally operate and hence their overall productivity in moving goods from point A to point B in a given time.
Truckers not surprisingly opposed the NMSL and protested vociferously.
Although truckers--especially owner operators (Franklin 1977)--made some attempts at organized protest against the NMSL, those truckers who found themselves economically overly constrained by the 55-mph law soon found a more direct, more effective method of coping with it.
Wide-open stretches of interstate in the Midwest and West, for example, had posted limits of 70 and even 75 mph before the NMSL (see table 1).
As we have documented, truckers' opposition to the 55-mph NMSL indicates the economic inefficiency ofthe lower limits.
Moreover, car drivers engage in much less rural highway travel than do truckers, which means that they would not have been affected by the binding constraint ofthe NMSL with nearly the same frequency.
Before joining NMSL he was head of branch sales for the Society.
He said: "This year business has really taken off for NMSL and we now have an extremely strong client base.
NMSL offers a range of services around non-prime processing, including an online decision in principle facility and online tracking.
Angus Macnaughton, the managing director of NMSL, said: "Offering the Society's core skill services, such as mortgage processing and website management, to third parties is a strategy which has met with overwhelming success.