NMSONew Mexico Symphony Orchestra
NMSONational Master Standing Offer
NMSONavy Modeling and Simulation Office
NMSONational Mounted Services Organization
NMSONuclear Medicine Science Officer
NMSONaval Material Supply Office
NMSONaval Manpower Survey Office
NMSONational Medical Support Order (child support mandate)
NMSONOVA Manassas Symphony Orchestra
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Filling the health physics capability gap left by the departure of the NMSO forced medical planners in the CJOA-A to devise a solution within the mandated force management level constraints at the time.
The medical imaging oversight mission was performed by a 2-person team comprised of a NMSO and a HPS from US Army Public Health Command (USAPHC) brought in for a 3-week period.
In this study, DRIFTS was used to delineate the effects of MSO acid value on the reaction mechanisms of NMSO with cellulose.
5) NMSO was prepared by blending 53 wt% MSO with 47 wt% ammonium hydroxide (29% assay, Fisher Scientific).
With over 200 members, the Guild is always creating a fundraising event that will appeal to a wide variety of the community and allow people to have fun while they donate to the NMSO.
Finally, 2 health physicists, one civilian and one NMSO, also participated in the development and implementation of the workshop case study.