NMSPNational Marine Sanctuary Program
NMSPNew Mon State Party (Burma)
NMSPNanoscale Materials Stewardship Program (est. 2008; US EPA)
NMSPNew Mexico State Police
NMSPNational Movement for Stability and Progress (Bulgaria)
NMSPNational Maritime Security Plan
NMSPNie Moglem Sie Powstrzymac (Poland)
NMSPNetwork Management Statistics Process
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Local representatives from the areas where the clashes broke out were also present,' said NMSP spokesperson Nai Win Hla, speaking yesterday to DVB.
Despite political difficulties, the NMSP ceasefire has persisted and was renewed in February 2011.
O grupo III, formado apenas por tres acessos (3, 20 e 35), teve como caracteristica principal, para a alocacao desses acessos neste grupo, maior PMG e PROD, por se caracterizarem com acessos pertencentes ao grupo genico Andino, aliado a menor FLORESC, ALTIN, NMSV, NMSP e PHEC, se comparado com os demais acessos analisados.
With today's announcement, the number of agency partners now totals six - including APD, the Bernalillo County Sheriffs Department (BCSD), NMSP, NMCD, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Bernalillo County District Attorney's Office.
These include some 10,000 previous refugees, who were forced to return from Thailand following a 1995 ceasefire between the military government and the NMSP.
The NMSP, in power as the majority party from 2001 to 2005 and then as a minority partner in the socialist-led coalition from 2005 to 2009, is of scant national significance, having won no seats in the National Assembly in 2009 although it won some in the European Parliament elections the same year - a fact generally attributed to its EP list having been headed by Kouneva, whose individual popularity far outreaches that of the party of which she is a member.
Prior to each new school semester, NMSP officers were tasked with going through each bus to ensure it wasn't held together with bailing wire, or some such.
By collecting and storing these sources in a single secure facility, the NMSP increased safety and saved $2.
I was told that there were no casualties,' said Nai Win Hla, a spokesperson for the NMSP.