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Additional directorships include Leadership New Mexico; Eagle Trust Foundation; and NMSU Academy of Civil, Agricultural and Geological Engineering.
For the last six years, NMSU astronomers in the College of Arts and Sciences, along with collaborators from member institutions around the world, have been using the 2.
The NMSU MTECH Lab assisted in customized testing equipment assembly.
Ellis has been a professor of business law at NMSU since 1989.
Two important facts were extracted from a perceived strengths and opportunities (goodness) mapping exercise originally developed by Michael Porter (2004) (see Figure 1): (1) the laboratory, in a quest to survive, had been pursuing ventures for which it had little capability and for which there was limited prospect for growth of funding, and (2) new "clusters" of high research potential became apparent when mapping out NMSU capabilities (and those of the local community) with market needs.
Like her fellow educators at UTEP and NMSU, Elliott-Nelson worries about the daily challenges faced by students who have managed to escape the warfare of their home country but must still contend with going to school in a foreign country.
Developing such an interpretation requires a savvy approach to the play's language that would challenge any university-level drama department, but which the NMSU group managed with great confidence.
NMSU is somewhat unique in that nearly 50 percent of our student body is composed of ethnic minorities, primarily Hispanic (many bilingual) and Native Americans (9 percent of New Mexico's population is Native American).
It also collaborates with the NMSU Chile Breeding and Genetics Program to preserve the genetic material, or germplasm, of both cultivated and wild species of chile, and to advance the studies of chile pepper diseases, thus helping farmers protect their crops and their livelihoods.
West Texas A&M and NMSU have tight ends likely to be drafted this year, Keeling said.
UAPB nearly became one of those rare NCAA Division I-AA teams (now- Football Championship Subdivision) to knock off a I-A (or, this year, the Bowl Division) before NMSU kicked the deciding field goal in the final seconds at Las Cruces, N.