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NMTNew Mexico Tech (short for New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology; college)
NMTNetworked Media Tank
NMTNeed More Time
NMTNavy Multi-Band Terminal (US DoD Satellite Communications)
NMTNeuromuscular Therapy
NMTNordic Mobile Telephone
NMTNetwork Modeling Tool
NMTNot More Than
NMTNeuromodulation Technique (Feinberg, not traditional medicine)
NMTNuclear Medicine Technologist
NMTNot Myself Tonight (Christina Aguilera song)
NMTNon-Motorized Transport
NMTNeuromuscular Massage Therapy
NMTNeurologic Music Therapy
NMTNational Mobile Television (various locations)
NMTNeuromuscular Transmission
NMTNeighbourhood Management Team (UK)
NMTNebulized Mist Treatment
NMTNoise-Monitoring Terminal
NMTNuclear Materials Technology (LANL)
NMTNorthwest Marine Technology, Inc. (Washington)
NMTNetwork Management Tool
NMTNetwork Management Terminal
NMTNitinol Medical Technologies, Inc. (Boston, MA)
NMTNot My Type
NMTNoise-Masking Tone
NMTNomenclature du Matériel Terminal
NMTNodal Mesh Terminal
NMTNippon Mobile Telephone (Company)
NMTNational Microbiological Target
NMTNon-Metropolitan Territory
NMTNational Metering Trial
NMTNational Marbles Tournament
NMTNegotiations Management Team (prisons & law enforcement)
NMTNo More Text
NMTNon-Monetary Transaction
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Deep Neural Machine Translation is the next step up from NMT and provides a substantial average increase in BLEU scores depending on the domain as well as training data quality and volumes.
The new study shows that NMT is involved in a wide range of essential processes in the parasite cell.
This is a new milestone to expand our business from drug delivery and contract R&D service to having our own drug pipeline," said David Sher, managing director, NMT Pharma.
CAO Pharma and NMT Pharma have improved the formulation of CZ-48 to increase the bioavailability of the drug so as to further reduce the side effects and improve therapeutic effects.
Utilization of the NMT antenna has also reduced the GBS installation costs from $585,000 to $144,850, which generates an installation cost savings of $25.
A successful trial carried out by NMT has proven that inland barges can transship containers between both port terminals in less than one hour compared to a minimum of 4-6 hours on average by truck convoys, said the company in a statement.
The researchers have tested a handful of molecules that block the activity of NMT in the parasite living inside human red blood cells, and in mice, but further refinement will be needed before a treatment is ready to be tested in humans.
Researchers have tested a handful of molecules that block NMT in malaria parasites living in human red blood cells and in mice.
Clients who may benefit from NMT comprise those with a variety of neurologic disorders including: cerebral vascular accident, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, Alzheimer's disease, dementia, Huntington's disease, cerebral palsy, autism, visual impairment, and developmental delays.
7 January 2010 -- US lender LSQ Funding Group LC has struck a loan deal with NMT Medical Inc (NASDAQ:NMTI) for up to USD2m (EUR1.
NMT and EOS have executed new contractual agreements on 18 August 2010, in part to avoid any doubt that the project has moved past any consideration or applicability of liquidated damages.
is building the NMT under a $ billion contract to deploy new terminals on more than 300 ships, submarines and shore stations, said Bill Schroeder, Raytheon's program manager for NMT.