NMTCBNuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board
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Two members of the NMTCB board and two members of the ARRT board will serve as an intermediary decision-making body, positioned between the full boards and a jointly-formed advisory committee.
Although similar to the NMTCB and ARRT collaboration in that 2 organizations are involved, this project differs in that 1 of the organizations is a professional society rather than a stand-alone certification organization.
Although the collaboration with NMTCB and SIIM have similarities, both differ due to their unique circumstances.
The initial recommendation from the consensus task group was that PET examination applicants hold a current certification from NMTCB, the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT), or be certified in nuclear medicine by the ARRT, and have 700 hours of documented experience operating a PET or a PET-CT scanner and performing all aspects of imaging, injection and handling of radiopharmaceuticals.
Before sitting for the certification examination, technologists must provide the NMTCB with proof of completing 45 hours of study in the following subjects: nuclear radiopharmaceuticals; PET, CT and nuclear medicine radiation safety; and PET and CT instrumentation.