NMTFNational Market Traders Federation (UK)
NMTFNetwork Monitoring Task Force
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The NMTF clustering approach clusters the data into 3 factors is similar to the normal 2-factor NMF clustering which segments the speech data into 2 factors.
The NMTF can overcome the poor matrix low-rank approximation problem by introducing S of the order of k x l.
Yesterday Mike Nicholson, who used to trade at Blyth market and is the new president of the NMTF, said a tent-like roof would create an ideal environment for all-year-round market trading.
If they're selected as a finalist they are given free membership of the NMTF, a free copy of a market trader training guide and a mentor - someone who has a wealth of experience.
The NMTF is aiming to make budding entrepreneurs aware that setting up a market stall can be an excellent way of starting a business with reduced exposure to risk, low overheads and manageable outlay from the outset.
That's why we have produced NMTF First - to help traders through those difficult first months.
If you're selected as a finalist, you are given free membership of NMTF, a free copy of a market trader training guide and a mentor, someone who has a wealth of business and market trading experience.
Andy Rutherford, Northumberland County Council's head of highways and neighbourhood services, said: "All of our markets will participate in this unique opportunity in conjunction with NMTF.
Blyth Town Council and the NMTF hope the family event will be jam-packed full of performances from local community groups including dance groups, drama societies, community artists, craft groups and an increased number of market stalls taking centre stage.
Blyth Town Council and the NMTF want to see the summer fair become a huge success and are hoping to have funfair rides for the children as well as a wide variety of entertainment throughout the day.
NMTF field support manager, John Perriton, said: "New traders are important.
The NMTF carried out a mystery shop in which a basket full of the same products were purchased in a market and on the high street, with the market price being cheaper by as much as 30%.