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NMTSNuclear Matrix Targeting Signal
NMTSNew Mexico Touring Society
NMTSNewbury Musical Theatre Society (UK)
NMTSNumerical Matching with Target Sums
NMTSNorth Melbourne Traffic Study (Florida)
NMTSNorth Medical Transportation Services
NMTSNebraska Medical Technology Solutions (Lincoln, NE)
NMTSNeuro-Muscular Transmission System
NMTSMarine Transportation System (US military)
NMTSNuclear Materials Transport States
NMTSNaval Mine Testing Center (US Navy)
NMTSNon-Motorized Transport Strategy
NMTSNorth Metropolitan Trunk Sewer
NMTSNorth Metro Transportation Study (Denver, CO)
NMTSNorthumberland/Montour Training Services
NMTSNational Management Training Scheme (UK)
NMTSNo More to Say
NMTSNew Mexico Technology Showcase
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"This combination will further increase the gap between previous MT models and NMTs, as NMTs will become increasingly more proficient at tasks other than pure translation," Veronis adds.
The RUNX2 mutation resulted in the absence of the NMTS domain and C-terminal pentapeptide VWRPY.
(3 fixed and 1 mobile NMTs) operate on the principle of automation, which means that they have a certain trigger set at a certain dB level which is activated when the noise is higher than the set dB level value [18].
This section discusses the similarities and difference between the teachers divided into groups on their major area of study: MT and NMT. Consistent with Marcus et al.
The use of non-motorised treadmills (NMT) (Lakomy, 1987) has allowed for the development of simulated team-sport running protocols that mimic team-sport running (i.e., rapid speed changes) in a controlled environment in which different performance variables (e.g., speed, distance, power) can be systematically measured (Highton et al., 2012).
"Through a recent tender process we examined new offerings from Bruel & Kjaer and other companies, before finally deciding that Bruel & Kjaer's ANOMS 9 solution and new Type 3639 NMTs met all our needs," said Dr.
As demonstrated, persecution was included as a CAH in the constituent instruments of both the IMT and the NMTs. One commentator has noted that in its general finding of Nazi persecution of the Jews, the IMT focused on "the passing of discriminatory laws; the exclusion of members of an ethnic or religious group from aspects of social, political, and economic life; and the creation of ghettos." (40) It also found various defendants guilty of persecution for a wide range of conduct.
In his 2011 book The Nuremberg Military Tribunals and the Origins of International Criminal Law (Tribunals), author Kevin Jon Heller embraces the challenge of detailing the individual NMTs, placing them in the proper historical context, and asserting an NMT legacy of spawning critical advancements in international criminal law.
is building the NMT under a $ billion contract to deploy new terminals on more than 300 ships, submarines and shore stations, said Bill Schroeder, Raytheon's program manager for NMT.
A modern noise monitoring system comprises a number of stationary and mobile Noise Monitoring Terminals (NMTs), precision outdoor instrumentation for noise and weather measurement which can be installed at strategic locations around an airport and its vicinity.
The study reportedly shows that those who use analog phones face a two and a half times higher risk of developing cancer in the brain while those who have used NMTs for more than ten years face a 3.5 times higher risk of developing cancer in the auditory nerve.