NMVNo More Violence (band)
NMVNetwork Managed Volume
NMVNet Merchandise Value
NMVNitrogen Manual Valve
NMVNon-Motorized Vehicle
NMVNetwork Managed Volumes (ISCSI configurations)
NMVNon-Invasive Mechanical Ventilation
NMVNo More Voices (band)
NMVNeed Mechanical Ventilation (patient care)
NMVNew Mountain Vantage Advisers, LLC (New York, NY)
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where NTV and NMV represent the numbers of trawl vessels and main catch vessels, respectively; PTV and PMV are powers of trawl vessels and main catch vessels; RELE is released number of larval crab, SST is the sea surface temperature.
Ici encore, l'analyse est nettement plus efficace pour expliquer la variance des taux d'enfants signales NMV (51 %) que ceux de minorites visibles (18 % pour Noirs et AMV).
With regard to development of non- motorised vehicle ( NMV) lanes on six arterial roads of Delhi, the court directed the city government to place on record the pictures and maps of areas where such lanes are actually located.
Both approaches allow for the spermatic cord to be delivered into the incision, making it easy to identify the artery, veins and lymphatics.[sup.2] In a recent review, the microsurgical subinguinal technique was found to yield the highest pregnancy rates, fewest recurrences and lowest complication rates.[sup.4] Another surgical option, the nonmicrosurgical varicocele repair (NMV), is still currently practiced, but is not considered to be standard of care.[sup.2]
El considerable numero de fragmentos que pudieron ser ensamblados (10,1%), y el alto nivel de asignacion de fragmenteria a piezas individuales (89,4%), permitieron una buena descripcion morfologica tanto de las piezas como de las categorias de vasijas, ademas de la identificacion del numero minimo de vasijas (NMV) presente en los sitios.
GVM and NMV figures on left side of pickups and twin cabs.
PESHAWAR, January 19, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The second phase of National Mass Vaccination (NMV) campaign against seven fatal diseases launched in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Wednesday.