NMWLNominal Molecular Weight Limit
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Ultrafiltration with 30,000 and 10,000 NMWL membrane cassettes resulted in the recovery of 77 per cent protease activity from the culture filtrate and 20-fold reduction in volume.
Unincorporated primers, dNTPs and the small XbaI fragment were removed by dialysis with a Millipore Ultrafree-MC 30 000 NMWL filter unit (Millipore Corp.
0 [micro]L of sample or control with 100 [micro]L of mobile phase, transferred the mixture into a filter unit (Millipore Ultrafree-MC 30 000 NMWL polysulfone-membrane filter unit; Millipore) that had been prewashed twice before use with 300 [micro]L of water to remove the humectant (glycerol), and centrifuged the mixture in a MSE Micro Centaur (MSE Scientific Instruments) at 2500g for 10 min to remove protein and other molecules of [M.