NMWUNon Metallic Wet Underground (Direct Burial Wire)
NMWUNominal Molecular Weight Unit(s)
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[P.sub.peak] and [P.sub.mean] were significantly higher after MWU than after NMWU (4.1 [+ or -]3.6 and 4.0[+ or -]3.7 W x [kg.sup.-1] for [P.sub.peak] and [P.sub.mean] respectively.
In fact, muscle power output was higher following MWU in comparison with NMWU. The present result suggests that the use of music while warming-up can enhance athlete s' performance.
Following the warm-up, our results showed that the RPE scores were not significantly different between MWU and NMWU. The current data are at odds with those of Yamamoto et al?