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NMZNeue Musikzeitung
NMZNorthern Metropolitan Zone (Diamond Creek, Victoria, Australia)
NMZNumerycznej Mapy Zasadniczej (Polish: Basic Numerical Maps)
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This stream drained a catchment of ~7000 ha of mixed farmland ~8 km from a coastline that was within the NMZ.
Even on bluebird days, when perhaps a dozen anglers might be encountered in the NMZ over the course of a day, the quiet nature of the vessels employed ensures the fishery remains exceptional.
When it comes to fishing the NMZ, Dill is normally a sleep-in type of guy who waits for the morning people to work their way north from the designated launch area before he climbs out of bed (ironic, because when it comes to snook fishing, Dill is a nocturnal beast).
The NMZ encompasses roughly the entire northern end of the Banana River, from State Road 528 north to the NASA Causeway.
Between 1994 and 9/11, the NMZ was open to all anglers, though NASA employees had "preferred status.
NASA guys, however, could not only access KARS Park but also launch at designated areas along the NASA Causeway to the north, or at the port on the northeastern corner of the NMZ, where the ships that hauled in the solid rocket boosters were moored.
On the eastern shore of the NMZ (prior to the building of the Port Canaveral cruise terminal), anglers could launch from the 401 causeway, parking at the fence near the entrance of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.
For several years, the entire NMZ was shut down to all traffic, making for some very sad seasons for Dill, myself and many others who enjoyed the solitude and exceptional fishing of the sanctuary.
Remember that a small slice of the NMZ remains open to motorboats up to KARS Park.
Sometime later I began to hear rumors that the expansive and often more productive eastern side of the NMZ was again open to fishing.
The marine forecast is also the first thing Jay Groom consults when considering a NMZ trip.