NNCSNASCAR Nextel Cup Series (auto racing)
NNCSNorwood-Norfolk Central School (New York)
NNCSNew Neighbors Contact Service (Macungie, PA)
NNCSNSF-Navy Civilian Service (US NSF)
NNCSNewport News Composite Squadron (US Civil Air Patrol)
NNCSNon-Nicotinized Cigarette Smoking (tobacco use)
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Figure 2a and 2b plot rates of released prisoners and parolees per capita at the census tract level against the number of assaults and murders per capita from the NNCS data.
Randomly number generating RNG for the step angle theta and comparing with every before nearest neighbour cuckoos search NNCS.
In line with traditional analyses of NNCs, Jackendoff assumes that the meaning of a compound is a function of the meaning of its parts: given two nouns [N.sub.1] and [N.sub.2] meaning [X.sub.1] and [Y.sub.2] respectively, the function F([X.sub.1], [Y.sub.2]) has to be defined to determine the meaning of the compound [[N.sub.1] [N.sub.2]].
Thanks to our database, which contains the results of 57,000 simulations, a large amount of data useful to build NNCs is available.
Because many people in some areas use well water and because there is evidence of increasing levels of contamination with nitrate (and perhaps other substances) along with a possible biological mechanism for NNCs to damage the fetal brain and induce CBTs, Mueller and her colleagues consider it important that this relationship be clarified further.
The fetal brain may have an enhanced susceptibility to tumorigenesis, perhaps due to the rapid division of neural cells and/or a decreased capacity to repair alkylation-induced DNA damage (18,19) that results from exposure to NNCs. Thus, prenatal dietary and drinking water effects might be of particular importance for childhood cancer.
L1'S came up against a determined NNCS, who came out on top a 2-1 win.
Rudolpho's beat NNCS 5-0 with Kurt Sherlock the pick of the bunch, while the top two, L1s and West Derby played out a 4-4 cracker, with John Butler grabbing a late equaliser.