NNDPNigerian National Democratic Party
NNDPNaga National Democratic Party (India)
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The campaigns leading to the elections were acrimonious and vengeful, resulting in coalition labels earlier itemised, that is, UPGA and NNDP. While the UPGA denounced Premier Akintola for sheepishly following Gambari, (the North) Akintola upbraided the rump of Yoruba in UPGA for following yanminri.
Acronyms mentioned in this article AC: Action Congress ACN: Action Congress of Nigeria, formerly Action Congress, AC ADC: African Democratic Congress (Anambra) AG: Action Group ANPP: All Nigeria Peoples Party APC: All Progressives Congress APGA: All Progressive Grand Alliance CPC: Congress for progressive change DPP: Democratic People's Party INEC: Independent National Electoral Commission LP: Labor Party MEND: Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta NEPU: Northern Elements Progressive Union NNDP: Nigerian National Democratic Party NPC: Northern People's Congress PDP: People's Democratic Party Annex
Significantly, none of the first two parties, the NNDP (even though its activities were confined to Lagos) and NYM, could be described as ethnic parties.
Founded in 1936, the NYM promoted the "development of a united nation out of a conglomeration of peoples who inhabit Nigeria." (28) The NYM's construction of a Nigerian identity and definition of its selfhood were a response to the overwhelming influence of non-Nigerians in the NNDP. Its platform, 'Nigeria for the Nigerians,' represented a direct attack on the NNDP.
(15) The founding of the NNDP by the disgruntled members that splintered off the AG strengthened the NPC at the centre as there was no longer coordinated opposition front.
Significantly, the above cartoon is a propaganda tool by the UPGA using the Nigerian Tribune whose sympathy laid with the AG, against the NNDP led by Chief Akintola.
But what happened when Akintola went to NNDP and Awolowo stayed with the Action Group?
Facing the hugest trial of his political career, especially after the spat with Dauda Soroye Adegbenro on who was the elected Premier, a case that went to the Privy Council, Ladoke Akintola, with thousands of his loyalists, jumped ship from the AG to the Nigerian National Democratic Party (NNDP).
Its rallying force was late the Sardauna of Sokoto, and formed the central government at Nigeria's independence, but which tried an alliance with the Nigerian National Democratic Party (NNDP) called the Nigeria National Alliance (NNA), with the primary goal of 'capturing' the Western Region.
The political violence was the spontaneous reaction of the people to the blatant and reckless attempt to impose a minority party, the NNDP, on the majority of citizens.