NNDSNational Network of Digital Schools (Beaver, PA)
NNDSNorsk Nettverk for Down Syndrom (Norway)
NNDSNearest Neighbor in Delay Space (algorithm)
NNDSNorthern Nevada Dental Society (Reno, NV)
NNDSNational Neighborhood Data System (National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership)
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The analysis, which is titled "2015 Progress Report: Personalized Medicine at FDA," lists the 13 personalized medicines approved as NNDs in 2015, which represent 28% of the 45 NNDs that the agency approved overall.
The new approvals accelerate a trend that PMC first noted in 2014, when the coalition classified 21% of the year's NNDs as personalized medicines.
The NND was largest for the smallest fish-size class at all light intensities.
Two parameters of schooling behavior, nearest neighbor distance (NND) and separation angle (SA), were defined according to the method described by Masuda et al.
Especially when her cell phone disappears from the charger and the smoke alarm cover somehow Nnds its way from the Loor to a chair.
Told to shape-up, ship out, Nnd a job and get therapy, sufNce to say the duo prove pretty much inept at everything, their effort to launch a company and make a rap video ending up in wrecking both Robert's prize boat and the marriage.
Size assortment was tested by comparing mean NNDs of the real and null pool assemblages in cases where the real pool was hyperdispersed to the null (Strong et al.
We hypothesize that a greater number of constraints leads to less variability in preferred work postures and smaller NNDs. It would of course be preferable to have as few constraints as possible.
NDS Group plc (Nasdaq/Easdaq: NNDS) is a leading supplier of open conditional access software and interactive systems for the secure delivery of entertainment and information to digital TVs, set-top boxes, personal computers and mobile devices.
So heartfelt gratitude to Phil Robson for allaying all my fears - he Nnds so many completely different ways of combining these musical forces and the traditions that lie behind them on this record that it is difNcult to know where to begin in singing their praises.
(ANC = antenatal care; SB = stillbirth, NND = neonatal death, AEDF = absent end-diastolic flow, EDF = end-diastolic flow.)
The nearest neighbor distances (NND) were calculated for the observed pattern and the simulations.