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NNENorthern New England
NNENaval Networking Environment (US Navy)
NNENon-Nuclear Energy
NNENeural-Network Ensemble (biological network)
NNENetwork Node Equipment (networks)
NNENissan Nordic Europe (formerly Nissan Baltics)
NNENearest Neighbor Estimate
NNENearest Neighbor Encoding/Encoder
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NNE Construction, (775) 738-8745, nneconstruction.com/
Conclusions: Biologically active ingredients of both GTNE and NNE show antibacterial and antifungal effects, suggesting the potential medicinal role of these substances which should be studied and explored further.
Analysis of the eight voice parameters revealed that there were statistically significant differences between the asthma group and the controls in five of them: breathiness (p = 0.015), harshness (p = 0.001), hoarseness (p < 0.001), NNE (p = 0.002), and S/Z ratio (p = 0.005) (table 3).
In the first study, the NNE for small-diameter lesions (6 mm and smaller) was 1 in 24, while the NNE for larger lesions was approximately 1 in 8 (Arch.
In the first study, the NNE for small-diameter lesions (those 6 mm and smaller) was 1 in 24, while the NNE for larger lesions was approximately 1 in 8 (Arch.
"The success of our transition program traces back to many factors, including the positive vision of participants inside and outside the walls, Department of Corrections support, a spectrum of community resources, and key staff," explained June Koegel, CEO of Volunteers of America NNE. "Fortunately, all of these factors can be replicated just about anywhere, so we're promoting our story in hopes of inspiring corrections programs in all 50 states to try our methods."
During any mass casualty episode, be it a terrorist attack, pandemic event or a natural disaster, "We have an enormous problem keeping track of what we do to and with patients," says Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center's Medical Director for Emergency Response, Robert Gougelet, M.D., who also serves as program director for the NNE MMRS.
The two companies will unite under the name of NNE Pharmaplan.
"When you look at your pictures of Black Paris, you think about how African-American troops like the 369th Regiment "Harlem Hell Fighters" fought and died to save those beautiful buildings along the Champs Elysee," says Nne Nne Jean Ibeawuchi, owner of Soul Planet Travel.
To meet these needs, NNE installed the bulk of the distribution piping in the basement, which was completed and closed first to enable construction above ground.
These seven events occuring in period 2001-2003 were located into four separated epicentral areas: area NW of Bruntal, area NNE of Sternberk, area NW of Sumperk and area NNE of Unicov (Fig.1).
A NNE, 29, busy planning her wedding had this dream: "I was in bed with my sister instead of my fiance.