NNESNon-Native English Speaker
NNESNational Nuclear Energy Series
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This was approved of as the best method for our security, and accordingly we steered away NNE., keeping above fifty leagues off from the usual course to the eastward.
This linguistic barrier stands firmly between many NNES scientists and clear writing.
NNES students are a diverse group of students, including international, adult immigrant students, and the children of new immigrants.
high school, year in school, etc.) in order to distinguish NES from Gen 1.5 and NNES writers.
To develop an NNE model for camp, I recruited my former student and now graphic artist, Edward Kornya, who is a counselor mentor at Green River Preserve (GRP) nature camp.
But NNES students often have different needs from NES students--both in terms of the frequency and content of their visits.
With online written feedback, NNES writers do not have to depend on their possibly less-developed listening comprehension skills (Rafoth; Williams and Severino).
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (METI) announced in May the NNES, which has three main objectives: to establish energy security measures, create a foundation for sustainable development through funding of innovative technologies, and make a firm commitment to assisting other nations, its Asian neighbors in particular, in improving efficiency of energy consumption.
The research literature on non-native English speakers' (NNES) language learning in computer-mediated environments, both in synchronous and asynchronous environments, is growing.
We faced changes that are being experienced across the nation as many institutions of higher education encounter rising NNES student enrollments; although once only twenty percent of our clientele, currently at least fifty percent of writing center clients are NNES writers.
The current study investigated the rating of L2 refusal production by NES and NNES English teachers.
At the March 2001 Northeast Writing Center Conference, the subject of correcting errors for NNES students came up during a presentation on campus NNES literacy.