NNETNeural Network
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The supervised NNet require a training unit and a testing unit, each unit will be discussed briefly.
The features of the manually classified test samples will be used to train the NNet. Three different NNet modules will be utilized, one module for each class, these modules will be trained to reach the result "1" for all frames that belong to the same class, and "-1" for all frame that doesn't belong to the same class.
This value determines the minimum energy that above which the frame will be considered as a non-silent frame, so if the frame is non-silent it can be used in NNet training and testing.
* Redes neuronales artificiales: Segun la investigacion realizada, existen paquetes orientados a la aplicacion de perceptrones multicapa (paquetes nnet y amore) y maquinas de vectores de soporte (paquetes kernlan, klaR y rdetools) en problemas de regresion y clasificacion.
In one scene, ich has split audiences, he ows his son to ride on the nnet of the car as they drive ng Australia's Aldinga Beach.
The MLR model was fitted using the multinom function in nnet package (Venables & Ripley, 2002) included in R environment (R Development Core Team, 2008).
The model was fitted by using the multinomial command in the NNET library of S-PLUS vers.
With increasing number of babies benefiting from the amazing advances in neonatal care, we felt that there was a need to expand and enhance, the current retrieval service and so the Network, with funding from NHS England, has set up a stand-alone retrieval service called NNeTS (Northern Neonatal Tr T ansfer Service).
Liu (2008), in a comprehensive study, investigated the contribution of four models of co-teaching out of five models represented by Friend, Resing, and Cook (1993) in a context where native English teachers (NETs) and non-native English teachers (NNETs) co-taught in a classroom.
In the space agency's NNETS (Neural Network Environment Transputer System) 40 transputers have been linked to attain an extremely high operating speed.