NNMTNewport News Marine Terminal
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We used ANOVA to compare mean Hcy according to age, sex, body mass index (BMI), smoking, fasting glucose, time of year, and MTHFR, NNMT, and MTR genotype.
03), whereas BMI, season (summer or winter), smoking, fasting blood glucose, and genotypes for NNMT and MTR (P >0.
The distribution for NNMT, however, deviated significantly from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (P = 0.
Although smoking, BMI, season, fasting blood glucose, and MTR and NNMT genotype, among other factors, have previously been shown to influence Hcy concentrations, the impact of these specific variables was not significant in our study.
The distribution of alleles in NNMT is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium in the population as a whole and in females, but not in males.
One study identified an NNMT gene locus (16), which was tested in our study and shown to be without significant influence.