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NNPNeonatal Nurse Practitioner
NNPNew National Party
NNPNational Numbering Plan (telecommunications; various locations)
NNPNet National Product
NNPNorman Network Protection (data security)
NNPNational Nutrition Program (UK)
NNPNorthwest Natural Products (Vancouver, WA)
NNPNew Nationalist Party (Great Britain)
NNPNational Nanotechnology Program
NNPNearest Neighbor Problem (mathematics)
NNPNyika National Park (Malawi)
NNPNeural Network Processor
NNPNo Needed Parts
NNPNeue Nationale Partei
NNPNon-Newtonian Propulsion (physics)
NNPNagoya National Parts (Japan)
NNPNorthwest Novelty Products (founded in 1998, sells advertising specialties and promotional products)
NNPNice Nil Partner (spades)
NNPNieuwe Nationale Party
NNPNoise Normalized Power
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La GL no vario en relacion a las fuentes de NNP empleadas (P>0,05), con promedios de 3,70 y 3,87 % para NNP-DR y NNP-DC, respectivamente; valores similares y superiores son referenciados por Vasquez-Yanez y Gonzalez-Rodriguez [72] y Gonzalez [24], respectivamente para ganado Holstein (3,8 y 3,5%, respectivamente).
TRA calls on those who are interested to read the updated NNP, which is available on TRA's website www.
To build the capacity of the NNP Drug Unit, the United States provided equipment including mobile canine kennels, protective vests, motorcycles and trailers to enable mobile inspection operations along the Pan American Highway, specifically targeting the Nicaragua-Honduras border.
For the NNP, 70x10 6 m 3 of rock is being blasted and transferred by 500 dump trucks for use as hardstand across the rest of the development, raising the level of the land by 4.
Easy-to install and easy-to-use, NNP family solutions are engineered to protect manufacturers, SMB, financial institutions, health care and government agencies seeking the highest protection against today's exploding malware threats.
The NNP spokeswoman points out that FloraGlo is the lutein brand that has been subjected to the most clinical research in the world and that the product provides the same form of lutein that is found naturally in vegetables and other food.
There is disturbance in the political life in Egypt and the NNP is the only party that can create a balance," he added.
For example, a NNP may evaluate a person's cardiovascular status, titrate antihypertensive agents, refer for ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, adjust dialysis prescription, and undertake health promotion education.
The NNP continued in power until 1989 but with a reduced majority.
During the conference, Traikov announced Finnish state-owned Fortum and French consulting firm Altran Technologies are the two companies willing to participate in the NNP project while Serbia reconfirmed interest in a stake in the 2 000 megawatt plant
Foster, PhD, RN, CPNP, Vanderbilt University; Alison Holman, PhD, FNP, University of California, Irvine; Maria Katapodi, PhD, RN, University of Michigan; Robin Knobel, PhD, RNC, NNP, Duke University; Elizabeth A.