NNPDNewport News Police Department (Virginia)
NNPDNational Neonatal-Perinatal Database (India)
NNPDNon-Neoplastic Parotid Disease (gland disease)
NNPDNon-Neoplastic Pulmonary Disease
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Demographic characteristics for NNPD were determined using benign mesenchymal tumors (including fibroma, lipoma, hemangioma, lymphangioma, xanthoma, and spindle cell lesions) as a comparison group.
No significant differences were observed in the distribution of NNPD and benign mesenchymal tumors according to age and skin color (Table 3).
11-17) Periapical inflammatory lesions and NNPD were the most frequent lesions in this diagnostic category.
In India, however the incidence is more compared to the world and was reported to be 9% by a study conducted by NNPD in the year 2000.