NNPMNational Network of Pastoral Musicians
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In this article, acrylic acid grafted biorentation polypropylene (AA-g-BOPP) membranes with different grafting degrees were successfully prepared by the earlier nonvapor and NNPM, and then coordinated with Eu(N03)3 and 1,10-phenanthroline (PTL) to fabricate europium coordinated AA-g-BOPP [Eu-c-(AA-g-BOPP)] fluorescent membranes.
Polar monomer AA can be successfully grafted on BOPP membranes to enhance the miscibility between inert BOPP and Eu-based ligand by nonvapor and NNPM.
As part of Defender, NNPM identifies which borrowers are most likely to prepay their mortgages, providing a prepayment score that can be used to determine how calls are routed through Defender's SmartQueue system.