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NNPSNewport News Public Schools
NNPSNational Network of Partnership Schools (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland)
NNPSNaval Nuclear Power School
NNPSNorfolk & Norwich Philatelic Society (England, UK)
NNPSNATO Nuclear Planning System (NATO)
NNPSNeural Networks on Parallel Systems
NNPSNight Navigation and Pilotage System
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Applying ideas from the NNPS book Family Reading Night, the ATP and many parents and other volunteers organized reading activities, student performances, a book exchange, a presentation by the county's children's librarian, and refreshments.
Every district in NNPS has a "leader for partnerships" who "shepherds" schools' ATPs.
NNPS guides district leaders for partnerships to take this responsibility (also required by No Child Left Behind, Section 1118, Parental Involvement).
NNPS is working to increase this kind of "nested excellence.
Francis Howell School District began working with NNPS in the 2006-07 school year.
At the end of the day, ATPs completed two NNPS activities (Jumping Hurdles and Checklist) from School, Family, and Community Partnerships: Your Handbook for Action to consider their next steps and to complete the One-Year Action Plan for Partnerships for the next school year.
The NNPS has a model with three prongs--schools, parents and communities--but the community arm needs to be bolstered.
Then team members, who serve renewable terms of two or three years, split into subcommittees to address the six types of involvement in the NNPS model.
Upon returning the surveys, NNPS pays the renewal fees for a year.
Hill heard about the NNPS program at a state conference for elected school board members and sent a team of Pasco administrators to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore in 2005 to learn more.
At Saint Paul, Dorman was the driving force behind bringing NNPS to the district.
NNPS requires that districts create or identify an office, department or program of school, family and community partnerships and allocate an annual budget for staff salaries and program activities.