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NNSNASCAR Nationwide Series
NNSNumber Needed to Screen (healthcare)
NNSNeural Network Simulator
NNSNon-Native Species
NNSNetwork Node Server
NNSNetware Name Service
NNSNippon Television Network System (Japan)
NNSNewport News Shipbuilding
NNSNational Numeracy Strategy
NNSNorthern North Sea (basin)
NNSNorfolk Naval Shipyard (Portsmouth, VA)
NNSNonproliferation and National Security
NNSNovosadska Novinarska Skola (Serbian journalism school)
NNSNon-Native Student
NNSNon-Native Speaking
NNSNewhouse News Service
NNSNmap Network Scanning (open source utility; Nmap Security Scanner)
NNSNashville Numbering System (sheet music)
NNSNetwork Node Server (Cisco)
NNSNew Neoclassical Synthesis (economics)
NNSNoNameScript (gaming)
NNSNational Natality Survey
NNSNational Nutritional Survey
NNSNeighborhood Nuclear Superiority (Michael Nesmith)
NNSNorthern Neck Solutions, Inc (Kilmarnock, VA)
NNSNon-Nerve Sparing
NNSNantucket New School (Nantucket, MA)
NNSNetwork Name Services (Nortel)
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The NNS will also see researchers analyse the country's progress in nutrition since 2011, the year of the previous survey which found that more than half of all households in Pakistan suffer from food insecurity, in other words are hungry or face the threat of hunger.
In his recent RMO, Dulay correctly distinguished NNS from the other corporations and associations granted tax exemptions in the earlier RMO, saying that the NNS were given tax exemption directly by the Constitution and not merely by law, the NIRC.
The 8th NNS results also showed that teenage pregnant women tend to delay their first prenatal check-up.
Previously Guiraud worked at Societe Generale Group, where he has held various managing positions in Europe and in emerging countries initially in capital markets & investment banking activities, then as Country manager and director of various of the Group's subsidiaries, he also served as chief executive officer and director of NNS Capital Ltd, a London-based financial advisory firm.
Vendor: Nassef Sawiris, Southeastern Asset Management Inc, NNS Holding
The NS sought clarification; the NNS then added more information to make herself understood.
Due to a serious injury while racing Late Models in 2004, Clements did not return to the NNS until 2007 and ran part time through 2010.
The data were taken from two comparable corpora: The NNS corpus used was the Spanish component of the International Corpus of Learner English (SPICLE).
Table 1: Penn Treebank II tagset (partial list) POS Description Example Tag CC coordinating conjunction and, or, but CD cardinal number 1, third DT determiner a, the FW foreign word d'hoevre IN preposition/subordinating in, of, like, from conjunction JJ adjective green NN noun, singular table NNP proper noun, singular John NNPS proper noun, plural Vikings NNS noun plural tables PRP personal pronoun I, he, it, himself, his RB adverb however, usually, naturally, here, good VBG verb, gerund/present participle taking VBN verb, past participle taken VBP verb, sing.
9) When the NNS created its red silk flag in 1840, it was an official act of invention, the Society intended that their flag and shield would symbolize who they were as native Newfoundlanders.
The NNS framework inherits intertemporal optimization, rational expectations, and a real business cycle (RBC) core from the classical side, and monopolistic competition, nominal price rigidities, and a prominent role for monetary stabilization policy from the Keynesian side.
We've enhanced this year's program to truly honor our top-performing commands," Harvey said about the FHP, which offers those commands selected the opportunity to experience a NNS race from the team's vantage point.