NNSANational Nuclear Security Administration
NNSANational Nurses Society on Addictions
NNSANative Nations Sustainable Alliance (Phoenix, Arizona)
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NNSANational Natural Science Awards (China)
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Mischell Navarro, NNSA Human Resources Director, told the students,
She said that NNSA is benefiting from "more efficient execution of overhead functions, savings in supply chain and procurements, and through restructured [worker] benefits," and that the previous arrangement would have been even more costly.
The agency usually defends its new budget to congress during the first few months after a new president takes over, which means the NNSA won't be able to do that now that it is leaderless.
Defensibility, traceability and risk-based decision-making are now the norm at NNSA," said James McConnell, associate administrator for the office of safety, infrastructure and operations.
Israeli said the NNSA determined that the shipment does not require the preparation of an environmental impact statement because it isn't considered a major activity.
The next-generation Cray XC supercomputer will provide the NNSA with a world-class supercomputing system to advance the mission for the agency's stockpile stewardship program.
Also, the Trinity system will support all three of the NNSA national laboratories, which include Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
Writing in the June 2013 issue of Physics Today, editor David Kramer quotes an unnamed NNSA official as saying, "We don't have the funds at this point to support additional operations and lower priority work (on NIF).
With regard to the project's schedule, NNSA currently estimates that UPF construction will be completed as early as 2018 and as late as 2022.
By locking down nuclear materials and preventing terrorists or would-be proliferators from smuggling them across international borders, we are working to implement President Obama's unprecedented nuclear security agenda while promoting peace and security around the world," said NNSA Deputy Administrator for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation Anne Harrington, as cited by the US Embassy in Sofia.
Over the next few months, the labs, POG, and NNSA reviewed and analyzed candidate design concepts.
Research, storage, maintenance, and security are important tasks, but NNSA has yet to give the labs a long-term, defining mission since we tested our last new weapons in 1992.