NNSCNsfnet Network Service Center
NNSCNSF Network Service Center
NNSCNeutral Nations Supervisory Commission
NNSCInternational Symposium on Neural Networks and Soft Computing in Structural Engineering
NNSCNational Nuclear Security Conference
NNSCNooksack Nordic Ski Club (Washington)
NNSCNonstarch Neutral-Detergent Soluble Carbohydrates
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The NNSC was established by the Korean Armistice Agreement signed July 27, 1953, as an organization created by the United Nations Command to monitor and regulate the relations between the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea.
The figure of Sophie Jean, the lead investigator from the NNSC, serves as the most stable presence throughout the film.
All countries of the NNSC were neutral during the Korean War and had free access throughout the peninsula to help enforce the armistice agreement.
Today, the NNSC continues to show support for the armistice agreement by the neutral nations' presence in Pan Mun Jom, but their mission has changed.