NNSFNAS (Non Access Stratum) Node Selection Function
NNSFNational Natural Science Foundation (China)
NNSFNearest Neighbor Standard Filter (algorithm)
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Na Tabela 4, observam-se as medias dos genotipos para os caracteres agronomicos AIPF, AP, DC, NFC, NFD, NNSF e PROD de mamoeiro, comparadas pelo teste de Scott-Knott.
The project is financially supported by the NNSF (National Natural Science Foundation) of China under Grant 51279039.
This paper was sponsored by the NNSF of China under Grant 61222105, Beijing NSF 4112048, 2010JBZ008, RCS2011ZZ008, RCS2010K008, the Program for Changjiang Scholars and Innovative Research Team in University under Grant No.
1) The authors were supported in part by NNSF (#10001016) of CHINA, SF for the Prominent Youth of Henan Province (#0112000200), SF of Henan Innovation Talents at Universities, Doctor Fund of Jiaozuo Institute of Technology, CHINA
This paper is funded by national social fund project of "Risk Control Mechanism and Strategy science Research of China's Major Overseas Infrastructure Investment Projects" of 2015, and NNSF of China (71171203), and Natural Science Foundation of Hunan Province (2015JJ2025).
743,7 ** 69,7 13,4 22,00 34,20 2] 8,8 ** 1,5 0,8 52,86 59,32 NFC 3,8 ** 1,3 0,3 127,04 85,80 NFP 113,8 ** 25,6 8,6 20,78 19,27 NNSF 602,6 ** 65,6 12,3 33,27 23,26 NFCOM 1298,1 ** 528,8 8,7 56,68 93,99 [PROD.
This work is partially supported by the Scientifc Research Foundation of Guilin University of Technology and the NNSF (No.
This work is supported by the Graduate degree thesis Innovation Foundation of Central South University (No: 3960-71131100014) and supported by the Outstanding Doctor degree thesis Implantation Foundation of Central South University (No: 2008yb032) and partially supported by the NNSF (No: 10771215) of China.
This work is supported by NNSF of China(10871142) and Doctoral Fund of Ministry of Education of China(20070285002), Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province of China(BK2006046).