NNSINonproliferation and National Security Institute
NNSINational Network Services, Inc. (Denver, CO)
NNSINorstan Network Services, Inc. (Plymouth, MN)
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Today, the NNSI OnTrack Online-equipped Web site allows up to 25,000 DOE employees to manage their own training activities, 24-hours-a-day.
NNSI has purchased two other OnTrack modules from DKSystems--the OnTrack Workflow Assistant and DKWebBuilder.
He's looking forward to the day it is fully integrated into the NNSI system.
While Klimple and the six staff programmers under him at the NNSI are all HTML experts, Klimple is quick to recognize DKWebBuilder's non-HTML orientation as a great asset.
Although some NNSI courses contain tests, the organization has chosen not to score and/or evaluate test data.
OnTrack's non-proprietary nature made it easier for the NNSI to implement the LMS when they first bought it, Klimple reports.
Prior to implementing OnTrack, the NNSI attempted to manage its training using a regular old flat-file database.
Eight years ago, when the NNSI first purchased an OnTrack for Training system, there weren't as many LMSs to choose from as there are today.
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