NNSSNevada National Security Site (US Department of Energy)
NNSSNavy Navigation Satellite System
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A Thorn in their Side by Hilda's nephew Robert Green (his wife Kate Dewes, is a leading New Zealand international peace/anti-nuclear campaigner), points the finger squarely at the role of the British NNSS and its MI5/MI6 secret security services in Hilda's murder.
Other experiments: The laboratories have conducted two other types of experiments involving plutonium at NNSS.
The Dutch government has developed the NNSS to strengthen national security.
We commend NNSS and the Nevada Field Office for leading the way on this important initiative.
The sessions were the result of a state and federal working group's agreement to improve outreach efforts on DOE activities at the NNSS.
NNSS aviation team, which works at the Remote Sensing Laboratory (RSL) offices at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada, and at Joint Base Andrews near Washington, D.
Department of Energy (DOE) his state opposes plans to ship approximately 400 canisters of radioactive waste from the ORNL to the NNSS.
NNSA laboratories and NNSS also conduct other types of experiments in support of stockpile stewardship.
As a hydrogeologist in the groundwater characterization program, Wurtz studies NNSS groundwater systems to determine the extent and movement of contaminants resulting from historic underground nuclear testing.
DOE announced it plans to ship approximately 400 canisters of radioactive waste from the Oak Ridge laboratory to the NNSS, a former nuclear weapons test site approximately 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas.
explosives; the Large Bore Powder Gun at NNSS, which is used to
NNSS biologists and engineers are currently retrofitting power poles around the site to protect wildlife.