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NNTNumber needed to Treat (medical)
NNTNassim Nicholas Taleb (author, essayist)
NNTNational NOW (National Organization for Women) Times
NNTNumero Necesario a Tratar (Spanish: number needed to treat)
NNTNewcastle and North Tyneside (UK)
NNTNeural Network Toolbox
NNTNon-Nodal Terminal
NNTNo New Text
NNTNotch Noise Test
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The projected 5-year NNT for the composite of coronary revascularization, cardiovascular death, MI, or stroke drops to about 20, he added.
2 Globally, NNT accounts for almost 7% of the deaths among children during the first four weeks of their lives.
Ideally you want the NNH to be high and the NNT to be low so the NNT/NNH is small and preferably less than 1.
NNT to benefit one patient and the related drug costs with adjuvant trastuzumab in patients with breast cancer [3] Survival NNT to Drug cost (ZAR) Patient baseline rate with benefit one to benefit one survival rate, % trastuzumab, % patient patient 90 93 33.
If doctors would inform patients of the NNT for a drug or procedure, it might result in reduced medical costs and better health.
A separate analysis of the same pooled data using a different definition of favorable response--that is, a total combined daily symptom and daily medication score of 3 or less during the entire grass pollen season during the 3 treatment years, plus the following 2 no-treatment years--yielded an NNT of 9.
Table 1 inflates the NNT for South Africa and Uganda and deflates the Kenyan NNT creating the notion that NNT varies widely and is unstable.
The distributor will work closely with NNT to provide its vast expanse of channel partners comprehensive support and greater flexibility, combined with pre-sales and implementation assistance; delivering extensive access to the vendor's solutions.
5 mg, it was determined that the NNT of each tablet of these combinations is equivalent to two tablets of the same combination.
Table 2 Summary of double-blind RCTs for inhaled loxapine vs inhaled placebo Loxapine Study Diagnosis 5 mg 10 mg Place Allen et al, Agitation n = 45 n=41 n = 43 2011 (9) associated with (Phase II) schizophrenia Lesem et al, Agitation n = 116 n = 113 n = 115 2011 (10) associated with (Phase III) schizophrenia Kwentusetal, Agitation n = 104 n = 105 n = 105 2012 (11) associated with (Phase III) bipolar I disorder (manic or mixed episode) Loxapine vs placebo NNT for response at 2 hours (a) Study Outcomes 5 mg 10mg Allen et al, On the PANSS-EC score at 2 4 3 2011 (9) hours.
When duloxetine was compared with a placebo tablet containing no active ingredients, using data from the two FDA approval studies, the NNT was six.
El calculo del NNT se obtiene facilmente al obtener el inverso de la Reduccion Absoluta del Riesgo (RAR) la cual es la diferencia entre la proporcion de eventos de un grupo experimental y un grupo control o comparativo.