NNTPPNational Network on Tobacco Prevention and Poverty
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In the USC LTP and FLC NNTPP, participants take the same classes as traditional program students.
FLC NNTPP classes are offered in two towns on the reservation, usually on Saturdays.
Several FLC NNTPP graduates have been hired as site coordinators; they serve as advisers to program participants teaching at the site.
FLC NNTPP consortium members developed their program to be implemented at their site in conjunction with the community college on the reservation.
The NNTPP developed from a meeting between the Deputy Director for Education and Culture at the Ford Foundation and leaders in the Navajo Nation.
Participants from both the USC LTP and the FLC NNTPP receive warrants or stipends, in addition to their paraeducator salary at their home schools, for educational expenses, to offset the cost of child-care, transportation, or other essentials (Genzuk, 1993, p.
Both the FLC NNTPP and the USC LTP recruited Navajos and Latinos; their participants vary from those in traditional teacher education programs.
Kirtland Central District and Farmington High School [both in New Mexico]) are offering Navajo language classes and hiring FLC NNTPP graduates to teach these classes.