NNUHNorfolk and Norwich University Hospital
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Chris Paul, Sercos CSR Manager at NNUH added: We are very proud to support Norwich for Jobs and our local community.
After completing this course, Sophie joined the Get into Health Programme at NNUH in October 2015 as part of Sercos hospital cleaning team.
While at NNUH, Sophie realised that she was capable of mixing with new people, she made new friends and built up an incredible rapport with patients.
Chris Paul, Sercos CSR Manager at NNUH commented, The hidden health and social cost of unemployment and exclusion must never be underestimated.
At NNUH, every patient who is admitted is swabbed for MRSA and approximately 10,000 samples are processed every month.
Anna Dugdale, Chief Executive of NNUH, said: "To have gone two years MRSA free is a fantastic achievement and the result of a huge team effort and relentless attention to detail.
Every member of the NNUH team, cleaners, porters, laboratory staff, doctors, nurses, administrative staff and our volunteers, are involved in our fight against infection.