NNVNederlandse Natuurkundige Vereniging (Dutch: Dutch Physical Society)
NNVNorges Naturvernforbund (Norwegian: Norway Nature Protection Association)
NNVNine Noble Virtues (moral guidelines)
NNVNetwork Node Validation (network computing)
NNVNocturnal Nasal Ventilation
NNVNew Neighborhood Voice (newsletter; San Jose, CA)
NNVNeuronal Nuclear Volume
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If k elements in H are all verified by NNV, the kNN query is fulfilled.
Treatment of human leukemic cells, U937 and K562 (in vitro) with graded doses of venoms (BCV, NNV, VRV, NKV) for 24/48/72 h showed significant cell inhibition.
Tabela 1- Numero medio de leitoes, medias ajustadas, desvios--padrao e coeficiente de variacao das caracteristicas estudadas Caracteristica Media Desvio padrao Coeficiente de variacao NNV 9,541 2,520 26,427 NM 1,041 1,302 125,884 TN 10,582 2,666 25,096 MND 1,365 1,461 107,086 TD 8,186 2,427 29,564 Tabela 2- Resumo das analises de variancia do numero de leitoes nascidos vivos (NNV), nascidos mortos (NM), total de nascidos (TN), mortos do nascimento ao desmame (MND) e total de desmamados (TD).
In the case of an animate initial NP supported by agreement (AG1), all children clearly choose the first animate NP in sentences with NVN and VNN and, with considerable interindividual variation, with NNV.
Three other children orient toward the initial NP in combination with agreement (AG1) and word order, more so with NVN and VNN and randomly in the case of NNV.
The other five (three of them severely impaired) show some interaction of word order and animacy: they prefer the first, the inanimate NP, in NVN but take the second, the animate NP, in NNV and VNN.
However, the question arises whether the relevant factor is animacy (as evidenced by NNV as well as in VNN) or whether it is structural proximity (as evidenced by NVN and by NNV).
Fuji will supply LP NNV plates from its Greenwood, S.
We are the only one who can drive a Fuji plate a full speed," he says of the LP NV and LP NNV violet plates.