NNZNumber of Nonzeros (in a matrix)
NNZNetball New Zealand
NNZNeue Nordhauser Zeitung (German newspaper)
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csr (n, nnz) = ((n+1) * sizeof (int) + nnz * sizeof (int) + nnz * sizeof (double)).
(2) Generally, the number of nonzero elements (nnz) in sparse matrix is way smaller than [n.sup.2].
From the President's Nanotechnology Bill signed last December to the Merrill Lynch Nanotech Index (NNZ on NASDAQ) created in March to the recently cancelled Nanosys IPO, the "buzz in the financial community is awash with a nanotechnology fervor reminiscent of similar periods of enthusiasm in biotechnology over the past ten years.
Carry-Fresh[R] packaging from NNZ Industrial Packaging have been awarded a Worldstar by the World Packaging Organization.
Input: AA, JA, IA, x, blockRows, warps_block; Output: res; (1) _shared_temp_s[]; (2) _shared_bVAL_s[]; (3) tid [left arrow] threadIdx.x; bid [left arrow] blockIdx.x; (4) startRow [left arrow] blockRows[bid]; endRow [left arrow] blockRows[bid + 1]; (5) firstCol [left arrow] IA[startRow]; nnz [left arrow] IA[endRow] - IA[startRow]; //Assemble AA[] * x[] into shared memory (6) for i [left arrow] tid to nnz - 1 with i += blockDim.x do (7) temp_s[i] [left arrow] AA[firstCol + i] * x[JA[firstCol + i]]; (8) done (9) _syncthreads(); (10) warpNums [left arrow] warps_block[bid]; (11) if warpNums < 2 then (12) //Omitted: Perform a scalar-style reduction (13) else //Omitted: Perform a multiple scalar-style reduction (14) end ALGORITHM 8: Single long row reduction.
One should be aware of the fact that duplicates occupy about 20% of all nonzero entries (NNZ) of sparse global matrices stored in the COO format so the number of atomic operation is large.
Auckland, Sep 16(ANI): The second report from an independent security firm engaged by Netball New Zealand (NNZ) and Hockey New Zealand (HNZ) has raised no fresh concerns ahead of next month's Delhi Commonwealth Games.
Test Matrices Matrix Rows Cols NNZ Rank Density(%) bfw62a 62 62 450 62 11.7 impcol_c 137 137 411 137 2.2 west0132 132 132 414 132 2.4 watson2 66 67 409 66 9.2 We do not test the MAX strategy because these matrices are sparse, so the residual is stored implicitly.
It is of size n = 3200 with a symmetric non-zero pattern and nnz = 18880 nonzero entries.
[rho]= [nnz ([G.sub.out]) + nnz ([G.sub.in])/nnz (lower triangular part of A)] (28)
Auckland, Sep 11(ANI): Netball New Zealand (NNZ), Hockey New Zealand (HNZ) and the New Zealand Rugby Union (NZRU) have hired independent security consultants ahead of next month's Delhi Commonwealth Games.