NNZNumber of Nonzeros (in a matrix)
NNZNetball New Zealand
NNZNeue Nordhauser Zeitung (German newspaper)
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It has been delivering its products to NNZ, a multinational company which focuses on packaging for agricultural and industrial markets.
As a major global producer and exporter of fresh fruit and vegetables, South Africa offers us an exciting new market opportunity, hence we welcome this new business extension with our valued customer NNZ, said UPUs international sales director Gary Millar.
Castle further said that NNZ and HNZ would continue to get information in the next few days.
Encouraged by the success of Carry-Fresh[R], NNZ is working on the development of new packaging designs based partly on the same concept.
Meanwhile, NNZ Chief Executive Raelene Castle said that the team would be in Singapore for a camp before flying to New Delhi.
Matrix N NNZ geometry IM07R 261,465 26,872,530 3D VV11R 277,095 30,000,952 3D RM07R 272,635 37,355,908 3D 3DCONSKY_121 1,771,561 50,178,241 3D 3DCONSKY_161 4,173,281 118,645,121 3D Table 4.