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The contents of NO3 , H2PO4 and Zn were higher in seedling and initial bloom stages than the other growth periods (Figs.
88% lower, respectively, than in common wild soybean at seedling stage; however, NO3 , H2PO4 , Fe, Cu and Zn were 328.
Heavy rainfall in monsoon season transports surface NO3 deep into the soil profile.
These reports has begun the debate if intensive agricultural activities like high rates of N fertilizers especially at sowing, repeated application of organic manures and/or high levels of irrigation are responsible for high levels of NO3 in water.
The concentration of ions follows a gen-eral pattern as Ca greater than Mg greater than NH4 greater than NO3 greater than HCO3 greater than Cl greater than F greater than Na greater than SO4 greater than K greater than HCOO greater than CH3COO.
Application of fertilizer amounts greater than that of the recommended, results in low percent N recoveries in crops and greater NO3 -N accumulation in the soil profile (Benbi et al.