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NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (US DOC)
NOAANational Office for Arts Accreditation (education)
NOAANational Offshore Aquaculture Act of 2007
NOAANortheast Ohio Apartment Association (Cleveland, OH)
NOAANon-Operating Aircraft Authorization
NOAANorthwestern Ontario Archivists' Association (Canada)
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GAO was asked to provide information on (1) NOAA's methodology for awarding CZMA grants to the states, (2) the extent to which NOAA has processes for ensuring that grants are used in a manner that is consistent with the CZMA, and (3) the extent to which NOAA's state program evaluations and performance measurement system enable the agency to assess the effectiveness of the National Coastal Zone Management Program.
Larsen said he chose to support Bellingham instead of Everett, the other city in his district that has shown interest in NOAA, because of several factors.
On 10 January 2005, NOAA announced that its scientists had measured the height of the December 26 tsunami using data from four Earth-orbiting satellites passing over the affected area at the time.
NOAA will continue to monitor the warming ocean temperatures and bleaching events.
This work is part of an ongoing partnership between NSF and NOAA that has helped bring new science to NOAA forecasters.
The GAO found that NOAA had itself identified the Newport site as being in a floodplain, and that federal officials had written to the port, asking for a confirmation that the finished project would be outside of that zone.
The port has been wooing NOAA to relocate to its deepwater shipping terminal on the waterfront for several years now and has recently enlisted help from business and community leaders in the form of a "Get NOAA to Bellingham" campaign, but they aren't alone.
The report calls for NOAA, the NSF, and the NIEHS to expand efforts to study the evolution, ecology, chemistry, and molecular biology of marine species, discover potential marine products, and develop practical compounds for new medicines.
The synthesized voice used in the broadcasts since 1997--officially dubbed Paul but which some NOAA personnel refer to as Igor because of its mechanical pronunciation--can be difficult to understand.
In order to accommodate this new large-scale supercomputing approach to modeling, NOAA has determined that it requires a new, more flexible HPC architecture.
EDT last night, some people were not able to access certain NOAA websites.
Rather, it recommends that NOAA review the three other sites for the research fleet and pick one that is not in a flood-prone spot.