NOAAHNational Organization of African Americans in Housing
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In December 2001, NOAAH established this initiative to investigate environmental hazards in residential and other urban buildings, focusing on the possible negative health effects on African American, low-income and other minority populations in the United States.
NOAAH has been a leading advocate across the country in identifying and evaluating best practices in meeting the needs of these first-time homebuyers without resorting to subprime or predatory lending.
Both CHFA and MGIC (the nation's largest provider of private mortgage insurance) are members of NOAAH and its homeownership taskforce.
We look forward to working closely with CHFA and NOAAH counseling affiliates to help more families attain affordable homeownership," said Rosa Dalia Hernandez, MGIC's Emerging Markets Manager-Pacific Region.
NOAAH is a national non-profit membership organization and affordable housing advocate.
NOAAH's partnership with MGIC will help provide a much needed alternative to high-cost and potentially predatory home loans targeted to minority first- time homebuyers," said Kevin Marchman, Executive Director of NOAAH.
Upon receiving NOAAH's HPPN certification, local non-profit homebuyer education and counseling agencies will be eligible to participate in NOAAH homeownership initiatives.
As part of this partnership, MGIC will be looking to NOAAH to help identify qualified non-profit homeownership counseling agencies that can be tapped to help MGIC, its lender- customers, and mortgage investors jointly reach potential homebuyers with affordable mortgage products.
NOAAH welcomes this opportunity to work with a demonstrated leader and strong advocate toward our shared goal of expanding homeownership opportunities in underserved communities," said Kevin Marchman, executive director of NOAAH.
We look forward to working with NOAAH to increase affordable homeownership opportunities among African Americans and to make strides in closing the homeownership gap.
CONTACT: Kevin Marchman, NOAAH Executive Director, +1-202-544-1058