NOADNew Oxford American Dictionary
NOADNew-Onset Autoimmune Disease
NOADNooit Ophouden Altijd Doorgaan (Dutch: Never Stop Always Continue; walking club; Netherlands)
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NOAD defines both terms just as it defines other nouns, without formulae special to trademarks, leaving the label, in the appropriate entry, to do its job insofar as it applies.
It's clear that, while dictionaries are perhaps too quick to make concessions to trademark owners, they also struggle to do good work and often succeed, as entries and notes from the American Heritage dictionaries and NOAD show.
Another element of mystery is added by reference to positive discrimination, defined in NOAD but not here.
North Star Productions, headed by Neil Fitzmaurice and his brother Tony, is seeking investors for its first project, Charlie Noads R.
Meanwhile, Neil and his business partners at North Star Productions, including his br other, Tony, have secured 70% of the finance they will need to shoot Charlie Noads RIP, a film penned by Neil,in which he will play the owner of a Liverpool scrap and salvage yard based on the Dock Road.