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Two sets of Tridacna noae and Tridacna maxima clams were used in this study (Fig.
Giant clam larvae can be successfully cultured without provision of microalgae (Lucas 1994) and earlier research in this laboratory has confirmed this for Tridacna noae (authors' unpublished data).
Data collected in the current study were supplemented with developmental data for Tridacna noae cultured by Southgate et al.
The diameter of unfertilized eggs spawned by the Tridacna maxima broodstock showed similarities to unfertilized eggs of Tridacna noae among trials (Table 1).
The [SL.sub.[infinity]] (116 and 90 mm) reported here are higher than maximum observed length in the samples (58 and 68 mm) but lower than the maximum reported length of Arca noae (SL = 120 mm; Puljas et al.
Arca noae is confirmed be a relatively slow growing species.
Preliminary survey of populations of the bivalve Noah's Ark (Arca noae. Linne) in the northern Adriatic Sea.
The biology and functional morphology of Arca noae (Bivalvia: Arcidae) from the Adriatic Sea, Croatia, with a discussion on the evolution of the bivalve mantle margin.
Both reef topographies sampled correspond to previous habitat records where Tridacna noae have been identified (Kubo & Iwai 2007, Borsa et al.
Preliminary analysis revealed that there was no significant difference in Tridacna noae density between reef crest/flat and reef slope transects ([F.sub.pseudo] = 2.75, P = 0.10) so all six transects within a given site were pooled for the above analyses.
Differences in the shell lengths of Tridacna noae and Tridacna maxima as well as differences across island chains and relative exposure levels were independently analyzed in the same fashion as density, using a PERMANOVA with pairwise comparisons approach.
The photographs taken of all recorded Tridacna noae (n = 131) were reviewed to identify apparent and distinguishing differences in phenotypes of this species.